First reservation

      In this day of age, technological advancements enable us to embark on journey through the wonders of the internet. Given its convenience and security it's no wonder that people find ease in electronic booking. We would like to show you how this process proceeds in

      Once sent, application form goes to All-Polish Reservation Center PTQV. After the payment has been made, the information is passed on to the chosen hotel via the PTQV System and the room is booked for the reserver.
      At the same time confirmation of the reservation and voucher are sent to the users email address. Voucher should be printed and presented when registering at the hotel.

      We provide a hotel booking system that is both easy and secure at the same time. Thanks to eCard, we can guarantee the highest security when booking with our site.

      Listed below are the primary instructions of reservation process in

1. How to reserve?

      After choosing a hotel from the list, fill-out and submit the application form. Reservations become effective after the payment has been made.

2. How to pay?

      To meet your requirements and to ensure a comfortable payment service we offer several possibilities of making payments:

a) Credit Card (On-Line and Off-Line transactions)

      When making payment by credit card the system directs you to the eCard's Center of Credit Card Authorization. This connection guarantees safety of the transaction. Only Credit cards and special cards for internet transactions protected by three digital PIN Code (CVV/CVC) will be honored.

You can use the following cards:
            - Visa            
            - MasterCard
            - American Express

b) Bank transfer (Off-line transactions)

      Payment for reservation has to be made by bank transfer from your account into the Operator's account then a confirmation should be send on fax number.

c) Postal order (Off-line transactions)

      When payments are made by postal order the confirmation must be send to the Operator.

                  Details - "Conditions of the reservation"