Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence Warszawa - - Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence. Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence ***

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Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence - Warszawa - - Average price for DBL: 308 PLN


Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence - Warszawa - Rating


Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence



65 Okopowa St.

Average price for DBL:

Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence
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Hotel Czarny Kot


1 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2010-02-13 18:32:35

Hotel cheats on prices. The advertised price magically rose by 100zl at check-in.

IP: - Guest

2 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2009-11-23 16:05:23

Nice service, even a very loose approach to the formalities. ;)

IP: - Piotr

3 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2009-08-02 22:23:14

Staff a less sweet, but the rest ok. Cheapest average standard hotel in Warsaw. Overall I recommend.

IP: - Paweł

4 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2009-06-25 14:57:42

NO, not to recommend. They try very hard in some things and fail very badly in other... e.g. we had a double bed with 1 single duvet..., brilliant massage shower but half of lights didn\'t work in the bathroom, no fridge in a room, no kettle... very small room - they couldn\'t even fit 2 chairs next to a table!

IP: - M. Rivers

5 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2009-02-04 17:25:13

In fact, everything is in order. Minus the noises during the day (hotel is in enlarge).

IP: - jolka

6 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2009-01-23 16:52:16

Very nice stay in Warsaw. I am very positively surprised:)

IP: - Guest

7 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2008-12-11 12:07:32

bottom - the bottom and again BOTTOM

IP: - Marek M.

8 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2008-12-04 11:50:55


IP: - Paul Vincent Zralek

9 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2008-12-04 11:46:26

Hotel do not lend themselves to rest. Is under construction second parts. There is drilling non-stop.


10 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2008-12-04 11:34:45

Very good hotel, I recommend without condition

IP: - Marek

11 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2008-08-20 15:50:29

Very good position, bar open all day, continental breakfast but rather about The rooms are totally a shock but in fact, something like this, you can accept or hate. I personally recommend.

IP: - Darek

12 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2008-06-13 15:01:46

Halo hotel from the outside pretty well inside, where the it comes to services such as in hotel workers, with marble floors but the food as up to 8 years children need something to be ashamed of yourself for the second time someone from the west already have it not sold. In general, cold atmosphere,better to not join the picture. ashamed that is something that people are proposing

IP: - Guest

13 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2008-05-03 20:48:17

The door is chuging along in the door frame the whole night! Nice but completely unprofessional service. Fitting rooms on maxa of the minimum. Prices from the ceiling. Clearly but exaggeration. The location very convenient in the town.

IP: - Guest

14 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2008-04-15 10:34:23

The strangest hotel which I could see, how for the hotel 3 stars, dirtily, nonpleasingly and this decor is still sending the total bottom oneself on....

IP: - Guest

15 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2008-03-11 01:15:40

Hotel per hours - super! The broad bed, the bath and nothing more! For travelling and wanting to rest or to do some work - I am advising. The bedside table, the desk or for example a top are missing - misunderstanding at the hotel with three stars. Necessary own towels - the ones whom I received resemble towels rather and what\'s more not-washed. Lighting system - hopeless. And the TV set under the ceiling - is threatening to damage jugular circles. I am visiting hostels in the whole of country - but I couldn\'t see such a vulgarity long ago. These are my observations after 2 first hours of the stay. Until I am frightened reading comments referring to the quality of the food. TO AVOID FROM AFAR!

IP: - Georges

16 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2008-01-29 12:23:30

Very original hotel in the decor; pleasant, clear (much pretty mirrors) spacious; rooms and bathrooms big, comfortable. They are the misunderstanding tzw. of the breakfast lamentably poor, total lack of vegetables, salads, apples and pears which were missing after the hour, wadi slices of pork-butcher\'s products, the rancid curd cheese, fried on in a fixed way fried eggs and the sausage fried on the black, used repeatedly oil. In the wardrobe 3 druciane (twisted manually with pliers) stands, who weren\'t enumerated through 4 days, despite the request neither other weren\'t added up. At the whole hotel, every day, a stench of the burned fat was rising. Prices of meals (of the supper, lunches) very high unknown to the moment of the payment, because the hotel didn\'t have the written menu (quite!!)

IP: - Andrzej i Estera

17 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2008-01-23 08:05:07

I want to recommend to all who are able to succeed in the new town and still in super for price!!! The amazing place, the decor are shock!!! It is very exceptional actually and also nowhere, of something so we couldn\'t see. We are recommending since we are the group of a few rooms and personnel is marvellous. It is possible to say we are feeling here very in a family manner.

IP: - Leszek. M.

18 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2008-01-17 09:29:27

The hostel worth recommending, very nice service, the cosy, clear room not mentioning the bathroom, to it Internet, tv sat and the very good position. I am for the first time here but certainly not last.

IP: - Arek

19 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2007-10-28 23:02:31

Strangest of hotels which I could see in the life. On Sundays if you want to eat the breakfast assure it oneself that you will be one of first in \"restaurant \" since I was per hour after beginning of the breakfast and and nothing remained nearly. When I asked the waiter whether it would remain completed he looked at me with strange sight and he asked \"what is missing? \"!! I would like to point out that it was only a few minutes after the hour 9 the breakfast is ending about 11!! It ended in it from I ate the breadroll with the pork-butcher\'s product, without butter because lack.

IP: - Guest

20 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2007-09-30 12:12:19

There is no to what to pick. Excellent service, good equipment and the pleasant climate.

IP: - bzul

21 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2007-07-25 16:09:13

Super the place and amazing conditions, how for the object 3- stars. Super helpful service.

IP: - Piotr

22 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2007-04-20 13:00:42

If all rooms are at this hotel how my I am advising against this determination!!! - windows \"roof\" for the corridor!!! - even an small cupboard and the ordinary stand are missing for the coat (two stands was hanging from the wardrobe which was missing on cables from the TV set installed high); - the damaged cistern and the cabin shower; - were forgotten almost to empty the trolley after the previous customer!!!

IP: - Darek

23 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2007-03-23 02:15:05

Unfortunately, I don’t recommend. I was there in summer – in rooms awfully stuffy, lack of air-conditioner. Hole in wall at bed.

IP: - Robert

24 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2007-02-09 14:59:26

Decoration and climate resemble rather bawdy-house, catch inside a room door breaking away by crowbar with part of door-case (!), lacking satellite TV which is in description. Main entrance lock according to preference of services (I can\'t get to room!), net curtain at a guess don\'t wash since 3 years, in spite of aim of services breakfast below standard three stars hotels.

IP: - Bartłomiej Moczulski

25 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2007-02-08 17:59:08

Hotel situated in very good place of city. It is possible without greatest communication problems reach to almose every quarter of Warsow. Equipment rooms as well as communication surface and utilitarian type ( corridor, drink of bar, restaurant ) it real work planner interior. Behaved full proportion of color. Environment quite and nice. Service in high standard. This rating I give with clean conscience like user a few hotels in whole Poland. For the end I leave price - price of hotel grows depending on our expectations also, I think that through prism looking - hotel can be rating on 10 on everything.

IP: - Prezes

26 Hotel Czarny Kot - 2007-02-02 10:37:07

I\'m very pleased by quality of accommodation evidence in \"Czarny Kot\". Of course, always can be better. Services in high standard, interesting organization of rooms and not only, tasty breakfast include in price, convenient drive, but missing Internet :((( I was in this hotel two times and I thing, I choose this hotel ones more :D Recommended

IP: - Ola

Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence Warszawa - - Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence. Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence ***

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Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence Warszawa - - Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence. Hotel Czarny Kot - My Warsaw Residence ***

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