Conditions of the reservation

1. Definitions

2. Booking

Booking in is made after filling up and submitting the reservation form for the chosen service available on The Customer is responsible for the results issued when wrong information is given in the reservation form. The Operator doesn't bear any responsibility for the defect of access to reservation system for reasons of security or for any other reasons Operator-independent. Operator reserves right to suspend the access to for the necessary time when security threat or faultinesses will be debugged. Reservation becomes effective after the payment using the credit card or bank transfer or postal order has been made.

3. Payment conditions

3a. Credit card

In case of making non-cash payment using credit card Customer has to give out all information required to fill up the reservation form. Authorization and settlement take place with using the terminal placed on through direct connection with eCard's server by 128-bits coded protocol. Required, previously calculated amount will be stopped on your account and then collected. This will happen within 7 days after the reservation has been made but no later that 2 days before the day the Customer is going to arrive to the hotel. The reservation is ineffective if there is no possibility to stop the right amount on reserve's credit card in advance to pay for the reservation.

3b. Bank transfer

In case of making payment by bank transfer the Customer is obligated to send payment confirmation by fax. Fax no. is +48 91 432 51 12 at least 3 days before beginning date of reservation. The fee should be paid into account:

Polish Travel Quo Vadis Sp. z o.o.
ul. Ptasia 2,
00-138 Warszawa,

Bank Millenium S.A
ul.Stanislawa Zaryna 2A, 02-593 Warszawa

for PLN: 56 1160 2202 0000 0001 2431 8488
for USD: 68 1160 2202 0000 0001 2431 8660
for EUR: 37 1160 2202 0000 0001 2431 8733
for GBP: 08 1160 2202 0000 0001 2580 0736

3c. Payment for additional services

For services not included in your order (like additional accommodations, paid TV or Mini Bar in the hotel), the fee must be settled by Customer at the place. The currency is Polish Zloty (PLN). The prices given in USD and EURO are counted up daily. Any differences in virtue of payments may get out of difference in rates during encasing of transaction by Reserve's credit cards service bureau or cutsomer's bank.

4. Confirmation

All services available on are confirmed automatically. Only some specified services must be confirmed by Operator and in this case the confirmation is sent within 2 days on indicated by Customer in the reservation form email address. Confirmation includes information of the reservation or refusal caused by no vacancy. After confirmation receiving booking process is finished.

5. Operator's responsibility

The Operator is obligated to exert oneself to realize service with similar standard and time which has been defined in reservation form in the event that Operator is unable to realize submitted reservation because of its fault or fault of other economic subjects. When Customer disagrees with second-best reservation or its realization is impossible because of other reasons than defined in position 2 or its establishment would result with excessive fees then Operator is obligated to return previously made payment into Customer's bank account on the conditions stated in position 6 and 7. Return of payment makes that no other claims may be given to the Operator. Money return will be transferred into the account which has been pointed in the reservation form by Customer no later than one month after beginning date of reservation. Operator is not responsible for temporary inconveniences which may appear in its subcontractors and are caused by lack of water, lack of heating, lack of current and air-conditioning and for other temporary cut-offs like for example renewing of swimming pool or other hotel devices. In case of extraordinary, independent circumstances like disasters, strikes, wars or other exceptional situations which defeated making of the reservation in accordance with the agreement the Operator is released from responsibility.

6. Cancellations

When reservation is cancelled by Customer we charge with the following fees:

In case of cancellation the correct amount is transferred into Cutsomer's account by bank transfer.

7. Personal details

When booking by, the customer hereby agrees to have its personal data recorded in database and database of eSafe Company and PTQV who is responsible for booking process. Personal data will be processed for Reservation purposes and marketing only and in full accordance to the Polish Law of the 29.08.1997 of confidentiality of personal data. All the users are entitled to view and make any changes in their Personal data record.