Hotel Solaris Toruń - - Hotel Solaris. Hotel Solaris *** Toruń - 9 Panny Marii St. hotels Toruń

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Hotel Solaris



9 Panny Marii St.

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Hotel Solaris Hotel Solaris Hotel Solaris Hotel Solaris Hotel Solaris

Location - Hotel Solaris - Toruń

The SOLARIS hotel is a three star hotel situated in the very centre of the Old Town. Located in two renovated tenement buildings, which conceal the mysterious story of the past in their walls. The complex is an example of how in an effective way it is possible to combine modern interior design with the old Renaissance style. The unquestionable chief asset is its immediate proximity to the Gothic architecture. All rooms were designed with consideration of your comfort, satisfaction and general well-being both at work and when relaxing. Our hotel is an elegant and at the same time comfortable place, which will allow you both work and relax properly.

The Solaris Hotel is located in two tenement buildings in the centre of Toruń Old Town, which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and it enchants us with its red Gothic defensive walls, tenements, churches, granaries and the Old Town Hall. The tenement no. 9 is a Gothic tenement rebuilt in the Renaissance. Basement walls and the side walls of the building above the ground level built in a skeletal construction are preserved from the Gothic period. It was a double-section tenement with a large entrance hall of 6.8 meters high. During the Renaissance period a new front wall was built with rustication in the plaster and with the top ornamented with a ferrule. The large Gothic entrance hall was divided with a ceiling into two storeys and the rest of the ceilings were replaced with new ones. The ceilings on the ground floor and the first floor as well as the walls of the back chamber on the first floor were covered with painting decorations. Today’s elevation arrangement, the entrance door and windows are from the 19th century. No. 11 is a tenement house built in 1874 in the place of two Gothic tenements, rebuilt in the modern period. Their remnants are still present, basements covered with beam and cradle ceilings and the side walls above the ground level with alcoves and remains of original ceilings. Currently it is a four-storey building with a neo-classical elevation and a gateway. The stairwell has cast-iron stairs. There used to be two flats with a dark kitchen on each of the upper floors. The direct proximity of the St Mary’s Church makes the view from hotel rooms an unforgettable experience. The Assumption Church is one of the three largest Gothic churches in the northern Poland.

Accomodation - Hotel Solaris - Toruń

The rooms are furnished in the Renaissance style. We offer 23 cosy, comfortable single and double rooms as well as apartments having a unique charming atmosphere. The rooms are placed on four storeys, which can be accessed by a modern lift. Each room has air conditioning and access to the Internet. The rooms are equipped with an LCD TV set with cable television, a phone and a bathroom, where there is a shower or a bath, a hairdryer, washlets, as well as an LCD TV set and a phone.

Facilities - Hotel Solaris - Toruń

In the basements of the hotel there is the unique Club Solaris, where there are two bars and a dance floor. In the club one can taste exceptional drinks prepared by professional barmen. There is a unique hot atmosphere, which is accompanied by music played by a DJ. Characters from such films as “Star Wars” and “Alien”, specially brought from the Far East, add unique character to the place.

In connection with close proximity of the Old Square the Solaris hotel has two parking spaces to its disposal directly in front of the entrance to the hotel. However, we cooperate in this matter with guarded car parks situated within 300 m from the building.

Dining - Hotel Solaris - Toruń

The Solaris restaurant is located on the ground floor of the hotel. It has two entrances, one for the hotel guests and the other for guests from the outside directly from the street Panny Marii. The restaurant consists of three rooms connected together and decorated with a lot of trinkets. In the restaurant one can taste unique Polish cuisine dishes in new versions, for exceptionally attractive prices. Attention to details and the design we were able to create, provide a cosy and warm atmosphere. This place is perfect for organizing different kinds of occasional and family events.

Hotel Solaris Toruń - - Hotel Solaris. Hotel Solaris *** Toruń - 9 Panny Marii St. hotels Toruń

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Hotel Solaris Toruń - - Hotel Solaris. Hotel Solaris *** Toruń - 9 Panny Marii St. hotels Toruń

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